How do I know if a CD is available with my child's name?
Go to the home page, then click on the CD product you're interested in. From that page, click on 'Find A Name'. This will give you a list of all the names available for that CD. Clicking in the name list box, and typing the first letter of your child's name will get you there faster than scrolling.

What if I can't find my child's name?
Some names have many alternative spellings. If you can't find your child's name the way you spell it, look for that name spelled differently (e.g. Corey = Korey). If we have the name recorded, we can create a CD for your child regardless of the spelling. If not, please submit your child's name here and we will consider it for our next project. Also, you may want to check out the nicknames that we have recorded (Bubba, Sweetie, Baby, Boo Boo, Precious, etc.)

Why can't you just record my child's name if it's not in your catalog?
Just Me! Music's Personalized CDs were recorded by the actual character voices themselves. As we add CDs, our goal is to add to our existing name list as well.

When will you have additional CDs recorded?
We are looking into new products continually. Bookmark and visit our website often to check out new products!

Are the children's brands you are selling aware of what you are doing?
Yes! Just Me! Music is a licensed distributor of personalized VeggieTales, , Sesame Street's Elmo, Walt Disney and The Wiggles products. All of our CDs were recorded in full cooperations of each of the respective companies.

I have another question not covered in your Frequently Asked Questions section...
E-mail us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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